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Proof of strength

Wooden frames tend to break easily but ours are made with
a special technology that allows them to take a huge amount of pressure.


Inspired by the use of wood in airplane construction, we have developed our own methodology of creating ultra-strong plywood.

The important components are the type of wood (in this case, birch with its unique qualities), the way the wood is pressed together to form the plywood, and the glue we use.


  • Divak frames are made of wood, a natural and renewable material.
  • We’ll plant 5 trees in the forests of Bulgaria for every pair that you order.
  • We only use eco-friendly and non-toxic glues.

Our recycling programme:
Don’t want your Divak sunglasses anymore? Send them back to us. We’ll use what we can and recycle the rest.
And give you a 50% discount on any new pair you want.

Divak Frames: durable, light, shock resistant
Brightfield lenses: UV400, polarised, impact-resistant
Spring hinges: good for physical activity


  • Pressure-resistant
  • Shock-resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Light (25g/.055lb)
  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Supreme finish

Supreme design

Our story


We are Kiril and Ivo. Hello!

Kiril has worked in online marketing for years. He used to have an online store for wooden sunglasses. He loved the look of the wood but its quality disappointed him – all of the sunglasses broke quite easily.

So he started dreaming about developing his own product.

Ivo is a wood specialist who’s spent years making sunglasses as a hobby. He used to sell some of them in Bulgaria where many people loved them. But he needed some help to develop his brand and production line.

Shortly after Kiril and Ivo met in 2019, they decided to join forces and create the strongest wooden sunglasses in the world. Divak. It means “Savage”.

Our goal

We really want to inspire you to rediscover old natural material.

Nowadays, people have the knowledge and technology required to manufacture environmentally-friendly products. Which means that using materials that harm the environment is selfish, lazy and unnecessary.

We want our customers to ask questions. To know what materials our product is made of. And to be aware of how it is made. We want to take responsibility for what we create. And hopefully, it will encourage other manufacturers to do the same.

We produce locally

And we are proud of our choice. Because:

  • We are the true creators of our product
  • We have a better control of the quality
  • We can make sure we help rather than harm the environment
  • We believe that local small and medium companies are the (better) future